Sarah is a multidisciplinary theatre practitioner, interested in light, and other things. Recent credits include:

Flight (Darkfields), Dark Earth (Wiretapper), Moonfall (Hikapee), Hyena (Alula Cyr), This Beautiful Future (Yard Theatre), Fire In The Machine and Phenomena (Sounds Like Chaos), Voodoo (Project O), The Foley Experiment (Julie Rose Bower), Remote, There is a War, The Tempest, punkplay and Macbeth (Southwark Playhouse), Fcksystms, Coyote and walk pause walk (Ponyboy Curtis), This Place We Know (Bush Theatre), Fallow Cross and Kabeiroi (Punchdrunk)

As Head of Lighting: Sounds and Sorcery (Vaults), Small Wonders (Punchdrunk Enrichment), Vault Festival (Heritage Arts Company), Fallow Cross (Punchdrunk)

As Lighting/Video Associate: Double Vision (Gagglebabble), The Shape of the Pain (Rachel Bagshaw and China Plate), Bodies (Royal Court)